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WInterDevelopment History
Integrated Environment for development Embedded Systems software.

Version 0.29 (September 2000)
Technology of building processor models in in the code of enviroument of development.
Model simulator for i8086.
Appeared new demo version for i8086.

Version 0.28  (August 2000)
Settling the spots of stop in the mode of editing.
Connection of help on translators.

Version 0.27 (July 2000)
Marketed testing subsystem.
Marketed support of project tree.
Detailed adjusting a process to translations.
Adjusting the keys of editor.
Choice of platform (i8051, AVR and etc.).

Version 0.26  (June 2000)
The reception of reports on speed of execution.
Corrected errors at draw.
Appeared a possibility to save/restore in the separate file: tests settings, links settings, device settings.

Version 0.25  (May 2000 )
Viewing HTML.
Added built-in help.
Marketed support several libraries with devices.
Showing a value variable in window of hint.

Version 0.241  (March 2000)
Made localization with english support.
Added documentation.

Version 0.24  (February 2000)
Highlight red changes to windows of dump and stack.
Improved system of breakpoints (conditional breakpoints, points of refresh, points of seting and checking the values).
Marketed testing subsystem.

Version 0.23 (December 1999)
Work with desktops.
Animation of execution.
Work with variable in memories.

Version 0.22 (October 1999)
Adjusting a window of bits.
Window of messages.
Status line.
Maximization a window of editing on the whole screen.

Version 0.21 (September 1999)
Periphery model support.
Editor of relationships.
Models of monitor and keyboard.

Version 0.2 (August 1999)
Window of editing with syntax highlight.
Execution by the text.
Window for working with bits.
Highlight changing registers/flags/bits by the red colour.
Adjusting a window of registers.
External assembler support.

Version 0.1 (May 1999)
The first working version.
Work with the disassembler, registers, dump of memory and stack.

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