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New IT Labs Overview
New IT Labs is scientific research department,
that had been jointly organized by Information Computing Center
and Mathematical Faculty of Gomel Fr.Skaryna State University
The base staff of New IT Labs
are post-graduated and under-graduated students of the
Mathematical Faculty as well as young employees of the Information
Calculating Center
The main objective of New IT Labs
To contribute to creative evolution of the New IT Labs members
up to world-level researchers and developers in creation of
software, hardware and New Information Technologies (New IT).
Facilities to achieve the main objective:
  • Carrying out scientific researches

  • Participation in competitions for grants from:

  •          Ministry of Education of Republic Belarus,
             Fund of Fundamental Researches of Republic Belarus,
             foreign funds for scientific researches
  • Creation of system and application software, hardware and

  • new information technologies with commercial outlooks
  • Marketing and promotion of developed software, hardware and

  • new information technologies
  • Introduction of New IT Labs products and technologies into

  • studying process of Mathematical Faculty and works practice of
    Information Calculating Center
    The base domain of New IT Labs activity
  • CADs for embedded systems development

  • Distance Learning

  • Network Technologies

  • Scientific Leader of New IT Labs
    Michael Dolinsky
    Member of IEEE and IEEE Computer Society from 1999
    Member of IEEE Education Society and
                     IEEE Circuits and Systems Society from 2000
    The Head of the Information Calculating Center
    Ph.D, of the Chair "Mathematical Problems of Control"
    Gomel Fr.Ckaryna State University

    New IT Labs Team Members
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    How to Contact Us

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