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HLCCADProduct Overview
High-Level Chip Computer-Aided Design Software

System is intended for automations of process of designing the digital systems and allows to create digital device models, prototype create projects of devices, analyse modeling results, generate synthesisable VHDL description, as well as use processor models in design devices.

System allows to develop complex hierarchical digital systems from the component of different difficulty levels from logical valves before RAM, prototype these projects, analyse results, and for debug projects to generate corresponding synthesized by VHDL - descriptions. Moreover, designed technology of using the programming systems of high level for automations of making the models a component of complex devices - such, for instance, as CPU.

HLCCAD System allows to lead a digital device development from the idea before synthesized subsets VHDL. Possibility of making a device model description on high-volume languages allows a designing from top to bottom, as well as work in the command of developers, each of which will bring one of the devices before more undermost level.
The Developer is given a chance develop devices on gate, register transfer, functional blocks, architectural and behavioral level.
In the system enters a project of standard devices, by means of which possible design their own devices and get as a result VHDL model. List of devices of project “Standard devices”: logical NOT,OR,AND,XOR, generator, constants “0”,“1”,"Z", multiplexor, demultiplexer, coder, decoder, summer, counter, trigger, register, ROM, RAM.

processor model support in designed devices
modeling support of fireware complexes
a support of designing the multiprocessors systems

on enterprises
in design agency
laboratories, concerning with designing on base of digital devices
schools, institutes and universities

Microsoft Internet Explorer
CPU: Intel 486
RAM: 16 Mb
HDD: 10 Mb
OS: Windows 95
CPU: Intel Pentium or higher
RAM: 64 Mb
HDD: 10 Mb
OS: Windows NT

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