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DSPcProduct Overview
Library of digital devices of signal processing for HLCCAD

The library DSP is developed for a system HLCCAD and is intended for automation of process of designing digital devices of signal processing (DSP) with use of various generators and transformations DSP and allows to look through outcomes for all or separate transformations.

    The designer unites various tools on uniform environment and allows to the developer to use these tools for processing signals. Such tools can be:
  • generators

  • Various sorts of filters

  • Fourier, Hadamar Transformation

  • Various methods of compression of a digital signal

  • Reception (record) and reproduction of a signal (sound, video)

  • Digital spectral analysis

  • Fast algorithms of cyclic and linear convolutions

    The described designer is intended for the experts, working in the field of digital processing of signals, and pursues the following basic purposes:
    1) Integration in uniform environment with the convenient interface of various tools (algorithms) of digital processing of signals.
    2) Granting to the developer of an opportunity freely to experiment processing of signals by means of these tools and to design own tools.

    It is supposed that all processing of a signal is carried out on the central processor, i.e. technology NSP (Native Signal Processing) is realized. Thus, the Designer is the alternative existing systems of processing of signals, for work of which additional hardware maintenance - special payment with the alarm processor is necessary.

    on enterprises
    in design agency
    laboratories, concerning with designing on base of digital DSP devices
    schools, institutes and universities

    CPU: Intel 486 or higher
    RAM: 16 Mb minimum, 32 Mb recommended
    HDD: 1 Mb
    OS: Windows 95/98/NT

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