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DLComparing with Analogs
Distance Learning

Table 1

Comparison tools for distance learning internet based systems
Product nameYearCompany a manufacturerQuality factor
WInter2000New IT Labs48
mVision 2.04b2000Keil Software27
IAR EW 2.31a1999IAR Systems26
AVR Studio 3.02000Atmel Corporation22
CCStudio 1.01999Texas Instruments22
ProView32 3.01996FSI21
MPLab 5.02000Microchip Technology20

Table 2
Interpret quality factor
Component criterion
Windows of processor16889786
Commands of execution7566434
Debug abilities10443255
Quality factor48272622222120

Table 3
Benchmark analysis of interface of user
Rememberring a current project  
Possibility to load any one of earlier preserved conditions   
Conservation and recovering a location of windows, panels of instruments etc.  
Windows always inhere on that place where their have moved 
Mechanism of deliverance from overlappings of windows    
Automatic installing the sizes of window depending on its contents    
Possibility to take out any interface element of windows of exhibit
Fullscreen mode (seen only window of editor)      
Choice of language of the interface      

Table 4
Benchmark analysis of editor
Syntax highlight 
Possibility to change colour  
For each language its scheme of highlight     
Auto indention when editing 
Tabulation by columns      
Code insight      

Table 5
Benchmark analysis of windows of processor
Window with dump of memory
Window with registers
Window with flags    
Window with bits      
Window with variable
Window with stack 
Window with disassembler
Highlight of changing values 
Show address of current cell in dump of memory    
Changing an amount of columns in dump  
Choice of displayed registers, flags, bit     
Changing an order of displaying the registers, flags, bit      
Changing the displayed names of registers, flags, bit     
Adjustment variable in memories    
Absence of twinklings of the contents of windows in mode of animation      
Image of values of resources of processor on background of scene      

Table 6
Benchmark analysis of commands of execution
Execute operator    
Trace until return  
Run to cursor 
Animate trace  
Animate trace over     

Table 7
Benchmark analysis of debug abilities
Simple breakpoints
Conditional breakpoints 
Points of refresh    
Points of seting value      
Points of verifing value      
Show a value variable in hint window    
Standard periphery support 
Random periphery support      
Using the real microcontrollers   
Automatic testing       

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