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UNIICEProduct Overview
Universal In-Circuit Emulator of microprocessors and microcontrollers

Adjusted in-circuit emulator of microprocessors and microcontrollers of different types

Intended for debugging an equipment and numerical system software on base microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSP of different types

Proposed in-circuit emulator is intended for working under management personal computer. Emulator is connected to the parallel port of the computer (port must support a mode of bidirectional data communications).
Emulator is executed module. In the kit enters a base module and one or several target modulas. Such constructive decision allows to produce a debugging the systems on the different types of microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processors.
Emulator ensures:
  • emulation before 2 Mbytes of programm-memory and given 8, 16, 24 and 32 bits with the possibility of distribution between the emulator and target devices a possibility to assign before 512 unconditional spots of stop on addressing to memories of programs/data;

  • performing the programs of user:

  •  in the realtime mode (with the possibility of stop execution of at will user);
     in the incremental mode;
     in step mode;
  • reading/modification of the internal memory and registers of microcontroller;

  • reading/modification of the programm/data memory, memory cards, locations of spots of stop without needing to throw a microcontroller and begin a performing a program of user anew.

  • possibility of use for emulations of broad spectrum an microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processors;

  • transition from one type of processors to other with minimum temporary and financial expenseses;

  • powerful software with full kit of traditional and ensemble of nontraditional possibilities on integrated debugging environment WInter;

    Device can be used on enterprises,in the design agency, laboratories, concerning with designing or testing the products on the base of microprocessors

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