Multi-functional debugger

Brief information about INTER

      This page briefly describes tool's purposes and it's main advantages. It also contains brief information on non-traditional product opportunities and the full list of executed processor descriptions.

INTER: A closer look

      This page contains description of defects of traditional debugging tools for hardware and software systems, essence of new proposed approach, non-traditional debug possibilities of our product and application's directions.

Metalanguage description

      We propose metalanguage allowing to introduce and check descriptions of processors and their assemblers, with peripheral units and external environment. The metalanguage is used in special tools for designing and simulating a processor system with peripheral and external environment.

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Some of executed
processor descriptions
TMS320c25, c30, c40,
c50, c80, TMS370xxx
from Texas Instruments

ADSP-21000 family
from Analog Devices

Intel 8051, 8080,
8086/8087, 8096

Z80 from Zilog

T414, T800 transputers

PDP-11 from DEC

IBM 360/370

Apple 6502


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