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ASMRtProduct Overview
Translator of assembler with customizable syntax

Translator is intended for assembling the programs in target code of microprocessor (microcontroller) with granting the whole necessary debug information.

Translator is called to help in creation assembler programs, affording necessary information for next debug on source codes (line number, variables' address and sizes and etc.).
Besides, the number of more debug governing, testing and verification opportunity
is supported through mechanism of shadow-commands (some text boxed in assembler commentary)

Translator can be quickly tuned both on the processor architecture (CPU) and on assemblers's directives and cotrols syntax.

Support shadow-commands. It is a good facility for automatic testing in integrated environment Winter.
Step into macro is also supported while debugging.

on enterprises
in design agency
laboratories, concerning with designing on base of digital devices
schools, institutes and universities

CPU: Intel 486
RAM: 16 Mb
HDD: 10 Mb
OS: Windows 95

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