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ANT-97Product Overview
In-Circuit Emulator of microcontrollers MCS51 family

Low cost In-Circuit Emulator of microcontrollers MCS51 family.

Intended for debugging the hardware and software of microsystems on the base of microcontrollers MCS51 family.

Proposed in-circuit emulator is intended for working under management personal computer. Emulator is connected to the parallel port of the computer (port must support the bidirectional mode of data communications).
Emulator is executed module. In the kit enters a base module and one or non-how much target modules. Such constructive decision allows to produce a debugging the systems on the base of broad spectrum of microcontrollers of family MCS51, as well as use an instrument as an emulator of ROM (before 64 Kbytes).
ANT-97 ensures:
  • emulation before 62 Kbytes of programm-memory and before 62 Kbytes of data-memory given with possible-will become distribution between the emulator and user devices.

  • possibility to assign before 62 to unconditional breakcpoins on addressing to memories of programm/data;

  • performing the programs of user:

  •  - in the realtime mode (with the possibility of stop of execution of at will user);
     - in the incremental mode;
     - in the step mode;
  • reading/modification of the internal memory and registers of microcontroller;

  • reading/modification of the programm/data memory, memory cards, locations of spots of stop without needing to throw a microcontroller and begin a performing a program of user anew.

  • possibility of use for emulations of broad spectrum microcontrollers of family MCS51 and some other families

  • powerful software with full kit of traditional and ensemble of nontraditional possibilities on base debuggers INTER and WInter

  • released in the small-dimensioned body with the built-in power supply unit

  • low cost for other devices of given class

    Device can be used on enterprises, in the design agency, laboratories, concerning with designing or testing the products on the base of microcontrollers

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